After years of research and development into Metal Impregnated Polymer (MIP), PolyFrang Frangible Ammunition was born. PolyFrang molded bullets disintegrate upon impact with hardened objects.  This allows safer live fire training on steel targets without damaging the steel target, and significantly reduces the risk from ricochets to Operators. Tactical engagement within inches of steel is now possible. The projectiles also disintegrate when introduced into viscous fluid filled cavities making them extremely lethal.
  • Reduced over-penetration
  • Reduced ricochet and splashback
  • No jacket or plating – no shrapnel created
  • Lead-free projectile is environmentally friendly
  • Lead-free primers
  • No jacket or plating – no shrapnel created
  • Maintain standard velocities
  • Reduced ricochet and splashback, allowing for closer engagement within inches of targets
  • No modifications to duty weapons, saving time
  • Maintain standard velocities
  • Reliably cycle across virtually all platforms including suppressed and short barrel gas impingement system
  • All calibers safe for use in suppressors
  • Ammunition can be linked using standard links
  • Accuracy comparable to standard ammunition out to 200 yards, expanding effective range
  • Rapid energy transfer – extreme lethality into soft targets
  • Lead-free projectile is environmentally friendly, reducing cleanup costs
  • Reduced damage to steel targets and reduced over-penetration, decreasing range maintenance costs
  • Reduced barrel wear and no barrel fouling, reducing Armory costs
  • No modifications to duty weapons, saving time and expense

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